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Bulletproof Mafia

Apr 2019

Why Playing Fortnite and Dungeons and Dragons Makes You A Dork!

April 5, 2019

In this episode we discuss how in life, much like Fortnite and other RPGs, in order to win the game it takes an acquired skill set. You have to be able to level up and reach for new, low hanging fruit. Nobody ever makes it to the ultimate level being comfortable with mediocrity. Through networking and self help, rather that be podcast like this one or literature (ebooks, online research, etc), you can position yourself to compete at the highest level and be qualified to win and separate yourself from the pack!  

Also, we want to know you guy's opinion. In the beginning of this podcast you heard the new "BulletProof" theme and at the end we have placed the "Money Moves" theme you guys are familiar with. We want to know which vibe you all are enjoying more, so be sure to drop a comment here or head over to the Instagram (@mjmunsterman) and let us know your favorite! 


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