Money Moves with Michael Munsterman

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1. The Story of Me

Setting the stage of how I went from broke to a 7 figure net worth and why I decided to speak out!


2. Discovering Your Why!

Before you can crush your goals you have to learn what drives you and how I found my why. 


3. The Power of Vision!

The practical steps to go from where you are today to where you want to be!


The Prequel.. $250M in sales

START HERE! Who is Michael Munsterman and what should you expect from #moneymoves welcome to the M4Nation!


The Flavor…

How the people we surround ourselves with effect the taste of our world! And why you should pay attention to the flavor!!


The Power of Silence Part 1

Learning how you can use silence and quite time as a secret weapon! 


The Power of Silence Part 2

Michael discusses relational and expectational silence. Explaining what they each mean and how you can leverage them in your life. 


Operate in Your Gifts!

Your gifts will make room for you. Michael explains how focusing on money istead of following your passion will cause wealth to always be just a little out of your grasp! **In our teams opinion, one of the best episodes so far! A must listen!


Write your story stop judging mine!

In one of Michaels most passion filled podcasts to date, he explains why he unapologetically pushes his message into the marketplace and why he wants to see you stop throwing shade at others and write your own story! The art of making money hinges on your decision to focus on yourself and get your mind right. 


Focus on the Now

Michael disects how focusing on the past or the future can destroy your happiness today. A very insightful walk through how your immediate focus can dramatically improve your peace and direction as you move through life. 


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Giving Power To The Voice.

In this episode Michael reminds us to focus on the two voices that are constantly trying to influence us internally. Choosing to no longer struggle between what you should do and what you want to do will drastically increase your likelyhood of success. 

You get to make the choice to either give power to the light or dark inside of yourself. Enjoy this deep look at choosing wisely. 


Fear Not

In this episode Michael shares a new insight that he gained after doing a training session with some of the amazing soldiers who currently operate as recruiters for the Missouri National Guard. He discusses fear and how it will effectively block you from gaining access to the best version of your life! Be sure to jump over to YouTube and subscribe to his Channel to capture the full video versions of Money Moves! Savvy?


Perception is Reality

Money Moves is mobile in this episode! While Michael travels back to his hometown he shares his perspective on Perception being reality. If you enjoy Money Moves be sure to share it with your friends and family as we continue to push harder at delivering the best content for young and seasoned entrepreneurs.


The Truth Hurts Part 1

In this episode Michael dissects one of the largest areas of deception. Sharing with you ways he has learned through his personal and business experiences to correct and realign the way he operates to in truth daily. 


The Truth Hurts Part 2

In this episode of Money Moves With Michael Munsterman, Michael dissects the areas of his life that he measures and scales those who influence him.  In order to successfully surround yourself with people that are going to lift you up, however, you first have to truly evaluate yourself. We suggest you jump over to Michael's youtube channel and check out the accompanying video for an extra element of understanding.  Be sure to like, comment and share this with your friends if you have gotten any benefit from listening!