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Oct 2019

Selling The Gap..

There are thousands of different approaches that salespeople take in millions of transactions daily. All of these have 1 common denominator, They Sell The Gap! Or they go broke! In this episode Michael shares what gap selling is and how you can use it regardless of your industry! See you on the other side of the gap!

Michael is a powerhouse entrepreneur who believes that if you can discover where your interests and talents intersect you can truly create change in the marketplace! This is a no BS passion filled podcast that will both entertain you as well as educate you in the conversation of business and scale!

Oct 2019

Family Equity

So many of you think having a family is like turning the cruise on in your car. Don't get caught in the trap of thinking that everything is ok and running smoothly! In this episode Michael explains how a small shift in the way you evaluate your key relationships can change everything when it comes to your family!

The Bulletproof Mafia is an all things life and business podcast from the perspective of Michael Munsterman. Michael is an entrepreneur, author, and business leader who has done over $250M in sales accross multiple different industries. 

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Sep 2019

It’s Been A While

In this episode of the Bulletproof Mafia Michael reveals his latest business project and chats about being authentic! Take a listen as he shares the revelations that led him to launch this new concept company!

The Bulletproof Mafia is designed to spear entrepreneurs out of fear and into action by ushering them through the process of bulletproofing their business and emotional IQ... 

Jul 2019

Stop Being Lazy

All over the map in this one. Michael talks about everything from starting a marketing company to building a mini home. A fun twist on the usual content but still a must listen podcast if you are trying to better yourself!

Bulletproof Mafia is a podcast dedicated to expansion in all areas of your life. The host, Michael Munsterman loves seeing people expand and grow into the greatest versions of themselves. Want to hit the next level make The Bulletproof Mafia the secret weapon you use to scale and expand inside of this thing we call life! www.michaelmunsterman.com 

Jul 2019

Get In The Groove!

If you want to control the outcome of your day rather than have your day control you this is a must listen. Michael discusses how adding significant routines to your morning can in you exponentially accelerating your success. The key to overcoming the garbage in your life isn't removing things, it is in adding things that put you in power. A strong morning routine is the absolute only place to start if that is your goal!


The Bulletproof Mafia podcast is your secret weapon to better understanding the tools of scale in this life, and using those tools to crush your fears and add rocket fuel to your dreams! Go get yours!

Jun 2019

Too Afraid to Feel

From a new location, Michael talks about making decisions based on avoiding unsavory feelings. Sometimes the greatest wins are found on the other side of uncomfortable feelings. The Bulletproof Mafia is all about you living your best life through mental and physical toughness. 

Jun 2019

Enjoy the Ride

You have to embrace the rollercoaster that is life! You can't be happy at the top of the ride and mad on the bottom. Just remember after the first hill, you now know what to expect on the next hill and even if there is a twist, its all apart of completing the journey!


The Bulletproof Mafia is the digital handbook that helps you get your mind right in the game of business!! Now go get yours!

Jun 2019

Win The War!

In life we all are faced with obstacles and often get down on our luck. But we can't let these chains hold us captive. The lessons for today are 1. Break those individual chains 1 by 1 and slowly move on to the next; some progress is better than none. And lesson number 2: Always speak life into yourself!


The Bulletproof Mafia is the digital handbook that helps you get your mind right in the game of business!! Now go get yours!

Jun 2019

Gold Mining

Lets talk about the ancient art of "Being Humble". Today we discuss the ability to take nuggets from conversations with peers and mentors and actually build upon knowledge gained. Often we always need to be the protagonist of the conversation and "win". But the real win comes from what we can all learn from each other and then act! 

The Bulletproof Mafia is the digital handbook that helps you get your mind right in the game of business!! Now go get yours!

Jun 2019


Savvy! After a year of hard work and edit after edit it's here; I have released my book! But this isn't a sales pitch. This is a move that is intended to motivate and prompt someone to move and make an impact of the world around you; your family, your peers, etc. 

Also do an audit on the mentors in your life and reflect on the lessons learned and then take action.


The Bulletproof Mafia is the digital handbook that helps you get your mind right in the game of business!! Now go get yours!