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In this latest episode of Money Moves, Michael discusses extracting lessons from less than ideal situations then spreading those lessons to all aspects of your life! 

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The Mondays.

Monday has the potential to be a launchpad or quicksand as you head into your week. In this episode Michael shares with you an analogy he uses with his coaching and consulting clients that  can result in you doubling your weekly output! This is one of the number one hacks that he uses to win in the game of life!

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Don’t Change Take 1

In this episode Michael talks about the challenges of trying to fit into the expectations of others and why you shouldn't worry yourself with what others think. 


Don’t Change Take 2

In this episode Michael reiterates his position in respect to finding the intersection of your passions and your skillsets. Be sure to rate Money Money moves if you are enjoying on iTunes!


The Crab Trap

 Michael explains in this episode what it truly means to live a crabby life. Regardless of where you are in this world it’s your responsibility to make sure that the people who are influencing you the most aren’t accidentally keeping you in the trap. 


Finish strong!

 As you wrap up the end of the year there is only one question… Have you already mentally quit or are you sprinting hard to finish the race?

Planning your goals for the new year is important, however, it’s equally as important that you finish the current year strong!


Deposits and Withdrawals

 Life is about deposits and withdrawals! In this episode michael talks about how that doesn’t always relate to Money… 



The New Internet

 If I ask you to describe what the Internet is, could you do it? Michael describes a different perspective on the Internet and big businesses understanding of your interests and how they affect you’re buying patterns. 


$167 millionaire or digital gold…

This is not the story about the $167 millionaire, although that is what this podcast was supposed to be about! Instead Michael takes you down a rabbit hole where he shares with you how following his Grandpa’s advice and walking with your eyes open can dramatically impact your trajectory.


$167 Millionaire

 If you’re going to build wealth it requires that you understand money edit simplest form. It requires that you understand the multiples necessary to reach your individual benchmarks! In this episode Michael describes the correlation between $167 and $1 million! You don’t want to miss this one… 


Steve Harvey Jump Podcast

Steve’s video has over 1,500,000 views and is possibly the single greatest advice to anyone who has ever thought of going into business for themselves. 

A fun listen!




Time- 86,400 & Counting

Time. What are you doing with your time? How can time fix anything?  In this episode michael describes the power of time and why it’s the commodity that he gives the most respect. 


Find out out how time can literally be applied to anything to succeed. 


Gratitude VS Appreciation

 In this episode Michael talks about the difference between gratitude and appreciation… 

 Money moves first Christmas podcast! Enjoy.


Fortune Favors the Bold

In this episode Michael shares one of the easiest ways you can 2X your life. 

The power of the ask!! If you want something in this world... You sometimes just have to ask!


Focus Creates Purpose

Everyone pretends that everything is always perfect. That’s just not reality. So how do you get out of the slump. 


Here is one of Michaels most effective strategies to get himself out. He believes it will likely help you as well. Enjoy.