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Jan 2019


 In this episode Michael talks about finding clarity on the other side of decisions. Take a listen and ask yourself what areas of your life are you being held back by making one clear decision… 

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Jan 2019


In this episode Michael gives you a rare glimpse into some of the struggles that he faces as an entrepreneur. With his new digital product launching Michael shares not only some of the successes that he’s realizing but also some of the hurdles and pitfalls that he’s having to deal with while navigating a new product launch!

 Oh yeah, he also talks about a hodgepodge of other items that might or might not have any relevancy to the conversation.

Jan 2019

No Frame No Game 2

In this episode Michael rounds off steps 3 and 4 to framing a strategic conversation. 

If you haven’t listened to the first episode of No Frame No Game this one won’t make sense!


Jan 2019

No Frame No Game Part 1

 In this episode Michael teaches you the very basic but extremely powerful technique of framing a conversation! 

Be sure to catch part two of this extremely powerful message!
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Jan 2019

The Recreation of Sedation

In this episode of Money Moves With Michael Munsterman, Michael shares some insight into one of the largest epidemics that he believes to effect Americans today. 

If you could alter the the terms of how you use your “recreational” time Michael believes you would experience a huge shift in your current trajectory. 

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Jan 2019

What Are You Selling Again?

One of the funniest things people say, I’m not a sales person. When you recognize that in nearly every conversation someone is either being sold or doing the selling it will forever change the way you communicate.

 Selling as a skill that absolutely anyone can learn. It requires that you first recognize where are the other person is currently and in a perfect environment where are they trying to get. Then all you have to do to succeed is demonstrate how your product or service can help them fill that need. 

 In this episode Michael shares with you the strategy that he teaches to all of his sales people. 

Jan 2019

Don’t beat yourself up!

 Setting goals is important. Striving every single day to reach her goals is critical. Hitting your daily goals in the face is the hunt. But beating your self up when you fall short... No buenno!

In this episode Michael shares his thoughts on why distractive thinking can actually hold you back!

Jan 2019

You are a product of your own design.

In order to create the life you want you first need to be willing to commit to who you want to become.

Success isn’t an accident it’s a decision. In this episode Michael breaks down exactly how to architect the future you. 

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Jan 2019

M4Nation the Journey

In this episode Michael shares the vision for the journey that is Mapping The Multi-Millionaire Mindset. 

Its a long one but will definitely give you some quality background on Michaels Journey through entrepreneurship. 

Jan 2019

Emotional Capacity

In this episode michael discusses our emotional capacity. And what influences our ability to handle strife, stress, and the other emotions caused from our surroundings. If you struggle controlling your emotions this episode is for you.

Jan 2019

Maybe Just an Idea

 In this episode michael discusses the difference between ideas and actions… Be sure to jump over to m4nation.MichaelMunsterman.com to check out Michael‘s latest passion project. Taking a wantrepeneur to an entrepreneur in 90 days! 

Jan 2019

2019 What Now

In this episode michael shares the very first productive thing you should do heading into 2019!

Dec 2018

Focus the Sequel

 In this episode Michael discusses human bandwidth. Essentially you recognizing the production output potential that you have, and how focus can maximize your potential inside of the groupings that are most important to you. 

Dec 2018

Focus Episode 1

 In this episode find out what Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have in common… Michael will dive into how he measures focus, how he has learned to zero his focus in on the areas that are most important to him.  He also simultaneously shows you how to do the same thing.. 

Dec 2018


When does education ever truly stop? Michael shares details of his day and how education plays such a pivotal role in our acceleration. What are you learning today?